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Hanh Salon and Spa Mask Policy

Mandatory use of masks within Hanh Salon and Spa

(Updated June 29, 2021)

1. All employees, essential visitors, delivery personnel and customers are required to wear a mask upon entering and remaining within Hanh Salon and Spa. The mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin with little to no gaps on the sides of the face


  • The following persons are exempted from the requirement to wear a mask or face covering and will not be required to provide proof of exemption.    

- Children under two years of age.

- Children between the ages 2-5 years old who refuse to wear the face mask (although highly suggested to do so and whenever possible).


  • Temporary removal of the mask or face covering is permitted where necessary for the following purposes:

- Employee lunch time; consumption of food or drink during lunch hours in the designated staff lunch room.

- For any emergency of any client, staff, or persons in the building or immediate need for medical purposes.

2. This policy will be implemented and enforced in “good faith”.

- Children are not required to show proof of exemption.

- Signs about the requirement to wear masks are posted on the entrance.

- Signs about how to wear masks are posted in easy to view spots of the salon.

- Persons entering the building without a mask will be given a verbal reminder of the spa’s mask policy and may purchase a face mask from the front desk for $1, when extra is available. If not, the persons must return with own personal face mask.

- Clients fill out a questionnaire prior to entering reminding they must wear a mask at all times.

- Employees have been trained on the policy, including where and how to properly wear a mask, and how to help and respond to customers who do not have a mask.

- A copy of this policy will be made available on request.


3. As per Brampton bylaw (, non-medical masks are mandatory until September 30, 2021.

4. Face coverings (i.e. scarves, bandanas, neck gaiters/warmers etc.) are no longer permitted.

5. Masks with exhalation valves are no longer permitted.

6. Persons who provide personal care services must wear surgical mask; cloth masks are not permitted for service providers.


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